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Monica Debbs

Monica McBride-Debbs was born to the parents of Pastor Darrell D. Johnson and Margie Richardson of Fort Worth, Texas in 1976. As a child she had dreams of becoming a successful black business woman and helping the people in her community. In 2009 she started a Community Outreach Fest for the City of Fort Worth and surrounding areas to give back to the community each year.
          Monica graduated and receives certification from the AITP Program majoring in Aerospace Aeronautics’. After finishing her courses at Community learning center she went on to work for The Department of Home Land Security/FEMA as a Human Service Specialist helping the Disaster victims nationwide.  



Darilyn Johnson

Darilyn Johnson

Darilyn Johnson was born to the parents of Prophet/Pastor Darrell D. Johnson and Evelyn L. Shankle of Fort Worth, Texas, in 1983. As a child she had dreams of becoming a lawyer and helping the people in her community. 


As years went on, Darilyn graduated in the top half of her class, at Crowley High School and later enrolled at Tarrant County College, where she majored in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Criminal Justice.


In 2005, Darilyn Johnson enrolled at Concorde Career Institute/College, where she received her Certification in Medical Billing, Insurance, and Coding. After completing the course and graduating 4th in her class, Darilyn’s testi-

mony was featured on the Concorde Career Institute/College website. She soon became the face of the Concorde Career Institute Medical Billing, Insurance, and Coding Program. Darilyn Johnson later became an active member of the Concorde Career Institute Advisory Board. 


Currently, Darilyn is attending Ashford University, majoring in Healthcare Administration and Healthcare Law. In October 2013, Darilyn Johnson received the “Yellow Rose of Texas” award from Governor Rick Perry, for an outstanding job in community service. Her magazine, Divinity Divine Magazine and Non Profit Johnson’s House of 

Hope Developments were recognized.


Darilyn is a single mother of two children, founder of Johnson’s House of Hope & Developments and Darilyn’s 

Consulting Firm, as well as the publisher of Divinity Divine Magazine. Darilyn has served many city officials and leaders in the area of public relations and publicist. Those individuals include: Mayoral Candidate Chris Nettles(First African American) to run for Mayor in the city of Fort Worth; Apostle & Author Demond Tolliver; Author Christi Henderson, Author Kendra Sikes, and many more. Darilyn is also a TV Personality who was featured on TD Jakes Show, segment Project Single Ladies in 2016. 


 It is evident that Darilyn Johnson is a 

God-fearing woman with a strong calling on her life to succeed.