Monica McBride-Debbs was born to the parents of Pastor Darrell D. Johnson and Margie Richardson of Fort Worth, Texas in 1976. As a child she had dreams of becoming a successful black business woman and helping the people in her community. In 2009 she started a Community Outreach Fest for the City of Fort Worth and surrounding areas to give back to the community each year.
          Monica graduated and receives certification from the AITP Program majoring in Aerospace Aeronautics’. After finishing her courses at Community learning center she went on to work for The Department of Home Land Security/FEMA as a Human Service Specialist helping the Disaster victims nationwide. Her objective in life was to help the people not knowing she would be helping millions of disaster victims. Currently, Monica is attending Grand Canyon University, majoring in Theology Christian Bibles studies. In her spare time she has a full roster of men and women in a Softball League call the F.W.A.S.L which she has her own team called NEXT LEVEL that she enjoy working with four times a week.


Monica is an active member of Vessels Of Praise Worship Center of Forest Hill, Texas under Pastor Eric Paul. She’s a mother of 6 children; CEO/Publisher of Lavish Magazine. Monica's goal for Lavish Lifestyle is to be in stores worldwide and her magazines will shock the nations. Monica is a God fearing woman with a strong calling on her life to minster to others through Big Mouth Radio Show where she is the Visionary.